FlashPlus - Version 1.5.3 Released

FlashPlus 1.5.3 was released a couple of days ago and it seems to getting decent adoption. There were some interesting bug fixes and a good amount of code re-factoring.

One important feature that was added was support for Silverlight media,  HTML5 canvas and video tags. Silverlight was very similar to the way flash works in the extension. Just like flash has a wMode parameter, we would have to change the windowless parameter for Silverlight. HTML5 Video and canvas were even simpler. Three lines of code, and they work good.
For canvas, you can open this or this.To check out the extension on the video tag, you could use this, this or even this youtube page. Apparently, these two additions seem to make the name of this extension obsolete. [:)]

There were also a substantial amount of code-refactoring that went in regarding the way, position of media elements on the page are calculated. There is a whole branch dedicated to this. However, we were still not able to fix the issue that arises with this page and will continue to work on it.

There was also refactoring to fix the way new tags were added, to make it more scalable.

Finally, there were a couple of bug fixes also. The first bug fix was correcting the way wMode param was treated in flash. Regardless of its presence, this flag seemed to be set whenever any action was performed on the media, making the flash to play from the start. Now, we set the wMode only if the value is not Opaque.

Watch out for the next releases here, where we plan to release better support for internationalization and the way Media content is handled in iFrames.