FlashPlus - Version 1.0.2 Released

FlashPlus 1.0.2 released yesterday with a couple of bug fixes and some new features. The features in this release first.
  1. Many people had requested for the ability to block flash. Extensions like FlashBlock prevent extensions from loading. However, you may want to see if the flash is really an advertisement that you want to block, or a genuine component in the page. The new action lets you block flash after you see it. We are also working on implementation of FlashBlock inside FlashPlus. This way, you can use just one extension. This is the fix.
  2. A lot of cosmetic changes. The icon of FlashPlus has changed; so have the icons for  "black out the page". The black out is now translucent, this lets the user still know that they are on the page.
Some of the bugs that were fixed include
  • Flash is sometimes loaded using Javascript. Previously, the  extension used to look only for Flash embedded in the HTML file. A new check has been added to check for Flash components that are added by Javascript later. Some more work is required to check if some flash components are loaded right away, and others are loaded using Javascript.
  • Size of the pop up on clicking the button on the URL bar now changes according to the number of Flash movies on the page. It used to be small earlier, making it look ugly. Cosmetic change, fixed now.
  • Flash movies sometimes have incorrect dimensions. Hence, clicking on the pop up did not activate FlashPlus. This has now been fixed.
 I have forked a new branch for Release 1.3 and would be working on the following.
  • Issue 14 : Adding an Options page where user can configure the following parameters for Flash Plus
  • Issue 7 : Correct the problems in iFrame. Make FlashPlus work on IFrames.
There are a lot of interesting features lined up for the next release. Watch out this space for updates.