Flash Resizer : Toggle it on and off

This is a continuation in the Flash Resizer Bookmarklet series that I had written about some time ago. This post details the capability to toggle the bookmarklet on and off. A couple of people had written to me complaining that the resize capability prevented drag and drop functionality inside the flash. All drag and drop events seem to be picked up by the event handlers assigned by the bookmarklet. Hence, the toggle functionality could be used to remove the event handlers.
The trickiest part in the implementation is maintaining the state between two invocations of the bookmarklet. Since every invocation of the bookmarklet restores the object, all state information should be saved in the Global Window object.
When the resize handlers are assigned, they are also pushed to a global array. On subsequent invocations, the presence (undefined or not) of this object can be used to toggle active or suspended state. If the resizer is to be disabled, the destroy method ofYUI resize is called and elements are popped out of the array. Reactivating would require adding handlers to "move-handler" class elements.
You can drag and drop "Flash Resizer" to your bookmarks toolbar to check out the latest version. Click it once on any page that has flash on it to be able to resize the flash. Thereafter, you can click it to toggle activation and deactivation.