Searching through my delicious bookmarks


I had earlier written about a ubiquity command that allows bookmarking pages quickly into delicious. It had help from YAHOO pipes to generate tags automatically and submit to delicious using their API.
The only part missing was a neat way to search those bookmarks. Since the tags were auto generated, delicious did not do a good job to look at the page content. Also, I would depend on Google's search index looking at only these bookmarked pages. The Google Custom Search was the answer, and here is my custom search engine that does the job.
Creating the search engine was simple, all I had to do was to include my delicious feed into the makeAnnotations Url. This generates the annotations file automatically, updating it at intervals. We do not have to go through the skull drudgery of creating annotation files, including sites, etc.
The search seems to be useful and I created the A9 search XML and added it to my search bar using the Mycroft engine builder.
If you have interesting delicious feeds, do let me know so that i could add your sites also, above the default Google results returned. The only thing that the custom search page lacks is the Images, Videos tag for which I am writing a greasemonkey script.