An Ubiquity plugin for sharing links on Friend Feed

The moment I saw ubiquity, I wanted to cook up some plugin for it. With the pseudo support for natural language processing, there are apparently many cool extensions that can be written. I read through the ubiquity developer guide and got to writing my first ubiquity plugin.
Since this is the first time, I am not straying away from the twitter example. The verb command would simply by "Share" and the supporting noun would be a text, a URL or this (referring to the current URL). The Page title and the URL would then be posted to my friendfeed page. I always wanted a quick way to share pages without really being forced to type annoying tags or descriptions and later search from the saved links. The FriendFeed search is good and I think this tool would get me that.
A little extension to this would be something in lines of a list of interesting web pages that I have read or mark to be read later. I could announce the webpages that I have read, with contents summarized using online summary tools. I was also looking at the nouns and verbs that ubiquity defines and a useful application would be to combine (something like a unix pipe) the commands into a mega mashup. There is already a command that does this, but it was still in beta and the syntax was not natural.
I hope I am also able to convert most of my firefox extensions to ubiquity commands so that I also end up saving some firefox memory !!
Watch out this space as I write about my learnings and implementations of ubiquity commands.