The Google Festival Logos

My firefox start page is about:blank, not Infact, it has been ages since I have visited the google home page for searching. Its always the OpenSearch Box that I have always used. That is the reason I have been missing out on all the festive logos that google has been posting. It is interesting that google does not show the same logo on the page where the search results are shown. I thought of quickly fixing that and have started writing a plugin that replaces the usual Google logo on the search results to the one that appears on the home page. This should be a quick script, so I thought of writing about it.
The google home page displays the logo after the
with an id lgpd. The tag after this is the one that displays the festive logo image of google. The greasemonkey script would have to fetch the google home page, navigate to this br, and pick up the entire tag.
The homepage could be fetched using GM_XMLHttpRequest, but navigating the HTML string would be cumbersome. The HTML could be made the part of an invisible div, and document.getElementById('lgpd') would get a pointer to the image tag.
This tag would then have to be substituted inside the tag that has the id "logo", that displays the original google logo. Hence, the logo on the google home page would be on the search page. The size sure would be a problem but that can be fixed by using the same tag as span that has the original google logo as its background image.
Watch out this space for the script details.