Tackle : Tutorial

Tackle is a simple, easy to use, Javascript phishing page creator. To use Tackle, copy paste the following script on any login page, and you will be able to create a phished version of the page.
When you activate tackle, a dialog appears on the login page. Using the various options, you can configure the location where you want the credentials (username, password, etc.) to be stored. You will have to copy the HTML code in the text box and host it at a hosting provider to make the phishing page available to the world.
You can also add the code as a bookmark. Currently, you can create phished version of the pages only in Firefox. The phished pages will work in most browsers.
The various options in Tackle dialog are

URL to Submit : This is the location where the credentials will be sent to. The user will be logged into the actual site normally after the credentials are sent to you. This can be any external URL, to be specified in the HTTP://URL.COM format.

Parameter: The value in this text box indicates the query parameter which will be used to pass the credentials to the URL you specified

Submit Method - HTTP Get : Selecting this radio button sends a HTTP GET to the url specified with the credentials as a query parameter.

Submit Method - Message Box : Instead of actually stealing the credentials, you can demonstrate the damage it can cause by simple displaying the credentials as a message. The script was written to create awareness about phishing.

Test Phished Page: You can take a peek at how your output will look like by hitting this button.

Copy HTML Code: This is the HTML source for your phished page. You can host it anywhere on the internet and send the link out to people. To be anonymous, you could typically host it on any free hosting space like geocities, tripod, etc.

Please note that sometimes, the phished page may not exactly look like the original page. This is because some components of the page are loaded using javascript. Hence, you will have to manually correct the path.

Also, please note that the script was written to demonstrate phishing. I am not responsible for any damages that you cause by phishing. Phishing is illegal and could land you in trouble.