FriendFeed - Building Custom Feeders


When I first saw on Sridhar's blog, I knew I wanted to try it. The site definitely looked like a super twitter to me, and I got hold of a beta testing account. Though there are other services, the simple and elegant UI is the prime factor I have decided to stick with this service.
The number of services is by no means the exhaustive list of my online presence. There is no orkut monitor, no place where I can show off my achievements in silly flash games, or no ways to put data out of custom sites that I frequent.
Though the developers seemed to have asked for sites which they are interested in crawling, the approach is hardly scalable. A better approach would be to simple open up an API that lets sites notify friendfeed of activities. Since these activities are very much context specific. if such an API is available, web sites and user can have better control over the type of content displayed. A simple quick fix would have been to atleast allow custom RSS feeds as a part of the feed.
I was looking at the bookmarklet that they have just released, and apparently, it can be utilized by sites for such notifications. The way to share links is a simple form post, if the user has logged in.
Hence, for now, sites can ask for the user's friendfeed credentials and send updates, based on the events on the site. I am currently working on such an application that polls my avtar in, and posts any updates as a friendfeed. Till then, keep following me at !!