Meebo Scripts Modified

Last week, Meebo modified its Javascript code, rendering many of the Greasemonkey scripts that I had written. Looks like a lot of new objects have been added, and some methods have changed as well. Some changes include the gAjax object that holds the session key, change in method names of gLogon. I still have not figured out the place where the login function is, and hence, the meebo auto login is broken as of now.
As I was going through this process, I was thinking about an interesting feature that Firebug could provide. In addition to the Inspect feature, may be firebug could also list all Javascript events attached to particular HTML elements. This is more in line with aspect oriented programming, and I was thinking of quickly writing a script that injects a listener to all Javascript functions so that I could trace though them. This is specially required in the absence of "Pretty Printing" in firebug. May be Joe Hewitt could make Firebug extensible to allow people plugin custom Javascript editors. That would allow developers to inspect javascript code even if it is compressed or obfuscated. best of all, setting break points would be really easy in non-compressed code. So let me complete that code injector, and see if I can turn that into a FireBug enhancement.