A lot of people have been using TwitteyBot to schedule tweets easily by text uploading files.The application has turned out to be a useful tool to use twitter as a social marketing platform.

A few days ago,I got a feature request to morph the application to publish to blogger instead of twitter. Keeping the basic infrastructure the same, I could modify the Task Servlet to send an email to the secret blogger id to post using Mail2Blogger. The associated data objects were also changed. Though some data object like the blog account was not really required, I left it there as a change would make bringing changes from twitter bot in the future, harder.
The final change was for the twitter OAuth page. Instead of the OAuth page, the user is now redirected to a simple page where the blogger email id is entered.
The email sent to blogger was via the Google App Engine Mail API as text/html which allows images in the blog posts.
The code is available at http://code.google.com/p/csv2blogger/. If you would like an instance of the application to automate blog posts just like you schedule tweets, drop me a line and I could help you with a dedicated instance of the application.