When you play a game, try enjoying it, you MORON


I think you play any game to enjoy it. May be winning or losing is secondary. Whatever the reason is, I have been getting many requests for the script, and here I am, releasing it out.
The script is not a great hack or something. It just takes advantage of the fact that the more challenges you issue, the faster you can grow in the game. The win to lose ration would be bad, but who cares, once you are at a higher level, you can start winning all games. The script can be used as a bookmarklet.
Before I do release it, I would like to apologize to all those from whom, I am stealing the fun of playing. I hope the guys at Duels.com change the rules so that issuing challenges is not proportional to your growth in the game.
The scripts are located at http://tinyurl.com/2cprfl and http://tinyurl.com/27qn93. I suggest that you read the scripts first before executing, as using this as a bookmarklet would give the script complete access to you Duels.com session. So, all you have to do now is copy paste the following line in your browser window, after you have logged into the site.

javascript:(function(){var x = document.createElement("script");x.src=" http://tinyurl.com/2cprfl ";userScript="http://tinyurl.com/27qn93";document.body.appendChild(x);})()

All it does is create a new script tag, include a couple of YUI files, and then include the main DuelHack.js file. I have tested it on firefox and it work. I am NOT going to testing it on IE, primarily because even if I discover bugs, I am not in a mood to fix it !! (Sorry, I have a game of Diablo II to catch up with)
For now, i am issuing a challenge with a LoadOut of ID = 548. If it works for other also, I think we have found a hack. We could potentially have a great loadout, that is not really ours, and challenge others using that !! Still waiting to check that out.
I think that this is not a way to play a game. Some changes in the rules could make the game better. The people at Duels.com should, at the minimum, randomize the defender Ids, so that the defenders cannot be easily guessed (Just like session Id cookies are randomized). Also, they could have some penalty for losing a game, so that people don't throw random challenges to everyone. I mean, in any game, would you not be penalized for losing ? The last part, if this was on facebook, I would love to play the game there.
Also, please be warned that running this would repeatedly hit their server, and could make matters worse for the Duels team as they are already struggling with performance issues. So please use this script responsibly.