Honey, you cannot hide from me !!!


I hate it when people ignore me. Especially when they are online, in the invisible mode on their YAHOO messengers. I just stumbled across this service called www.xeeber.com, that tells me if a user is online, offline, of just invisible. I use meebo as my instant messenger, and that being web based, I sure can use xeeber to see if people in my buddy list are offline or hiding from me. The process is simple. I can run thought the meebo's javascript, check the gBuddyList object and iterate through all the buddies, sending a request that looks something like http://www.xeeber.com/index.php?user=userID.
The only problem that I see here is that I have almost 100 buddies, and the xeeber server seems to go down quite often. So I will have to decide on the interval at which I have to send the request so that I don't overwhelm that server. Also, I will have to decide on the way to trigger this discovery process., i.e. will it be on the click of a button, or will it be done on setInterval.
Now about the name, this is
xeeber + meebo = xeebo ?
meebo + xeeber = meeber ?
Well, lets get to that later. Lets just finish the greasemonkey script quickly.
By the way honey, you can no longer hide from me online !! [:)]